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The course will: provide initial safety aware to delegates necessary before entering a rig location onshore. This course provides basic understanding on operations and focuses on safety aspects that must be considered and abided to. This course consists of theoretical and practical sessions where delegates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the training program content.


By the end of this training programme, delegates will be familiar with the following:

Chapter 1. Safety Principles
• Reporting and Investigating incidents
• Alcohol and drug policies
• Prohibited items
• Personal considerations
• Land transportation
• Communication

Chapter 2. Rig and Platform Environment
• Arrival procedures
• Safety alarms
• Other warning systems
• Housekeeping

Chapter 3. Work Site Safety
• General work site safety
• Tools
• Hoisting equipment
• Hazardous energy control
• Work permits
• Chemicals and chemical hazards

Chapter 4. Personal Protection and Health
• Back protection
• Head and hearing protection
• Eye and face protection
• Foot, hand and body protection
• Respiratory protection
• Fall prevention and protection
• First aid
• Severe weather

Chapter 5. Environmental Protection & Fire Safety
• Garbage and waste management
• Releases, spills and leaks
• Fire safety
• Fire extinguishers

Chapter 6. Onshore Operations
• Travelling to the Well site
• Excavation Operations
• Pits, Ponds and environmental concerns