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H2S LEVEL 2 (Hydrogen Sulfide)

The course will train delegates in how to identify Hydrogen Sulphide, its effects and how to work safely with it. The course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, during which delegates will be required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training programme content.

Topics Covered Include:



By the end of this training programme delegates will be: 
• Aware of what Hydrogen Sulphide is, its properties, and the effects it can have on human physiology 
• Able to identify possible sources and how to protect themselves against risk 
• Familiar with the correct procedures to be adopted when working with Hydrogen Sulphide 
• Able to identify, inspect and use the correct PPE, including breathing apparatus 
• Aware of emergency procedures to be followed on discovering Hydrogen Sulphide

There is no revalidation period for this training programme but
refresher training is recommended every 2 years.