About Us

Vision Statement

To be a leading provider of continuing professional development education in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Uganda and beyond.

Mission Statement

To provide affordable world class continuing professional development education in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment with a key focus on quality delivery and convenience.

We are a fully registered and professional Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Institute incorporated in Uganda, East Africa and we pride ourselves in our carefully and uniquely designed HSE courses that provide our learners with a 360-degree outlook to occupational health, safety and environmental management and implementation.

We offer both diploma and short certificate courses in multiple HSE disciplines. Our courses are expertly crafted with a “plug and play” approach, giving our learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to return to their workplaces and make immediate impact.

At HIOSH, we totally understand the demands of the modern work world, appreciating the fact that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to create time to study off our tight work schedules, let alone subjecting our personnel to classroom sessions which many times means work down time. In that regard therefore, the mode of delivery of our courses comes as a much needed solution to this state of affairs, offering world class HSE courses purely online, with audio tutorial support and enabling our learners to study at their own pace, anytime they want to and from wherever they want to.

Here is where it gets more interesting. Enrolment or registration for any of our diploma or short certificate courses is completely free of charge, studying is completely free of charge and doing course exams is also free of charge. Our learners only have to pay for their transcripts and certificates after they have passed all their course exams.

Start your career or enhance your career knowledge and skills with us. We can guarantee you quality with our nationally and internationally accredited HSE courses.